Convenient Detoxing While Traveling This Summer

I love traveling, as I know most people do, but sometimes it gets tricking with my healthy lifestyle. I eat so clean that going out to eat can really affect my body when I have to eat inflammatory ingredients. Our Detoxifier helps lessen the toxic load when we can’t have total control of what we are consuming. When I travel, especially when I’m flying, I don’t like to have to pack more than I need. Our Happiness Drinks Detoxifier bag is small, easy to fold, and strong enough to make it to your destination! I have taken it to Mexico, camping, to events, and on long work car rides when I know I will need an extra boost of energy for the ride home. Our detoxifier’s ingredients breakdown in liquid so easily, that you could even have a water bottle filled from home or from the store to dump a serving into, shake and enjoy! Talk about easy! 

Some things to think about when you are traveling with your Detoxifier powder. It is temperature controlled, so make sure you never leave it in your vehicle for an extended period of time in the heat. Cold weather is okay! If you like your Detoxifier on the rocks, you may want to bring a cooler with ice if you can, or put reusable ice cubes in your thermo water bottle so they are still cold when you are ready to use them. You could also freeze your mixed Detoxifier drink in ice cubes to put in your water bottle to let it melt slowly while you travel. If you are a straw lover, don’t forget to pack your straw! Metal is a classic sustainable favorite, just make sure to pack your wire brush for cleaning if you will be out of the house for a few days! No matter where your heart is calling you to go, know that Happiness Drinks is there to make your healthy habits a little easier.